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    Brody is 10 weeks and about 23 lbs. He is eating 3 cups a day. Things have been going very well house breaking with the exception of today. I took him out to do his business. He peed and pooped then put him in his crate. I was putting my girls in for a nap. After being in his crate for 20 min. he started whinning. I went down stairs to let him out and by the time I got down there he had peed in his crate. I took him out and he peed, then we came back in and as I cleaned out his crate and put his bed in the wash, he peed on the floor. He figured out how to drink out of the toilet today so I guessing it was an over load of water. Can a puppy gain to much weight or is there a range they should be in for there age?

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    Yes! You puppy can gain too much weight! Better to keep the pup a bit on the thin side, as the opposite has the potential to do joint damage. All pups grow at different rates, and the best way to tell is just by looking at them...you should be able to see the last rib. Here's a link below that has a chart (if you scroll down the page) of what your dog will look like from side angles and top angles ranging from if he's too thin, or too fat.

    And remember to keep that toilet seat down! hehe

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    Milly is 23lbs and she is 16 weeks old.
    Sarah & Milly - Sydney Australia


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