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Thread: Psoriasis

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    A friend at work has a lab with psoriasis. The vet has her on Benadryl. Does anyone have experience with this? Is there something more that can be put on the skin to help. My husband has it and he is always trying some new cream, but he doesn't lick himself ( at least I don't think so, lol),

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    DefaultRe: Psoriasis

    I honestly never knew dogs could also develop psoriasis.

    I have a severe case of psoriasis and let me tell you, treatment totally depends on the individual. What works for one, probably won't work for the next. I'd assume that it would be the same in dogs. Does the benedryl do anything for the dog's skin? Being psoriasis is an auto-immune system disease, I wouldn't see the benedryl doing too much. Personally, if it were my dog, I'd take it to a doggy dermatologist just for the fact that any normal doctor I've seen for my skin can't help me all that much vs. a dermatologist.

    For myself, I have yet to find any cream, ointment, etc. that has helped me out any. Lots of sun, tanning, light ray treatment, certain pills, and shots have helped me.


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