chance has a bad skin infection
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Thread: chance has a bad skin infection

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    Defaultchance has a bad skin infection

    well not sure what has caused it but have noticed her somachs been slightly red as normally but other day she was licking it the whole day while at work so i had a look and noticed round her belly button she was all puss, where her old spaying stitches are under the skin. so took her to the vet and got they have put her on noroclav for the infection but shes really not doing to well, shes very lethagic and leave me alone and her ears are boiling as if she has a temperature, shes had one and a half days of norclav now, is htere anything else i could give her to bring her temperture down and make her feel beter. I think its her lieing in the hay that has caused it but shes been lieing in the same haylgae all winter without problems.

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    DefaultRe: chance has a bad skin infection

    Give the vet a call... something doesnt seem right.


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