Sudden Fussiness over food
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Thread: Sudden Fussiness over food

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    DefaultSudden Fussiness over food

    Hi there!

    Brownie is 11 months old, and we have been feeding Candiae All Life Stages for about 7 months now. He gobbles everything up whenever we put the food down.

    All of a sudden few weeks ago, he decided that he didn't like the food anymore, and took very little of it. At first, we thought he was depressed (we were busy, and spending little time with him), or that he was ill (but he was jumping around like a monkey most days).

    We ended up hand feeding him through most meals, but he still ate very little.

    This evening, we mixed some bits of other dog food samples, and he gobbled everything up! We now realise that he just didn't want to eat the food that we have been feeding him.

    Anyone experienced anything like this? I never realised Labs could be fussy over food!

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    DefaultRe: Sudden Fussiness over food

    When a dog that usually eats suddenly stops, it can be bothersome.

    The causes can be many.

    If you're buying 40 lb. bags, possibly the food is getting stale or unappetizing halfway through? That happened with my Puff. After trying many different approaches, the thing that works best for Puff and me is, whenever I open a new 40 lb. bag, to transfer the bag's contents to 10-11 one gallon ZipLock freezer bags and seal them. I put these back in the emptied bag for storage. This keeps the kibble safe from humidity which could alter how appetizing it is -- just as our crackers left exposed to humidity lose their appeal. Since Puff eats only about 2 cups/day, a 40 lb. bag lasts her months.

    As a try, I recommend that instead of hand feeding to coax him to eat that you just put down the regular food at the regular times and, if he doesn't eat it, after 15 minutes pick it up. Do the same thing at the scheduled meal times. Generally, they'll start eating again after a couple days. If he eats some but leaves some, measure out less for the next meal. If he still leaves some, determine how much he is eating and feed that.

    Also, you might read:,74194.0.html in case that applies
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    DefaultRe: Sudden Fussiness over food

    Saba gets that a lot too. I've switched his food a few times in the 2.5 years that I had him (poop issues) but we finally found one he likes (so I thought). Well, it seems on this food, just like on all the other foods, after about 6-7 months, he's no longer interested. Before he'd eat the minute I put food in his bowl, whereas now he kind of looks at it... and walks away.
    If I feed him from my hand, he then eventually goes and eats it.
    I've bought new bags thinking the food is stale and nope, same reaction. Because it really happened with every food the same way, after the same period of time, I finally just put it down to the fact that he gets bored of his food. There really is no other explanation.
    Eventually, he gets over it and if he's hungry, he'll eat it. If there are no health problems, and you tried new bags, maybe they really do get bored?
    I would try feeding just a bit less - I tried that with Saba and he then actually got hungry and started to eat again.
    Sorry, that's all I can come up with.

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    DefaultRe: Sudden Fussiness over food

    I would change foods. Something in it is not agreeing with him.
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    DefaultRe: Sudden Fussiness over food

    I am not a Canidae fan. It really did a number on my dogs with bag ears, itchy feet, bad anal glands and blew out all their coat until they were actually bald in spots. It took almost a year before my dogs were back to normal after that food.



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