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    My 11 year old female Shepherd has a bad skin infection around her vulva. It is crusty, painful and swollen. She is heading to the vet first thing Monday; in the meantime I am cleaning the area and applying neosporin (to at least give her some relief til she gets antibiotics).

    This is her second round of infection in this area - about 3 months ago I treated her for the same problem. At that time I told her vet about other skin problems I had with her in the prior 2-3 years - an infection on her lip that took weeks to clear up (treated topically and with meds) a chronic pink eye problem that took literally months to clear - several vet visits for each of these problems. She ran bloodwork on my dog and all came back as normal.

    Has anyone else had a problem with this kind of thing? Ideas?

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    I'd be lookin to boost her immune system with some natural remedies.Sounds like the old gal has trouble fighting off infections.
    There are a heap of natural ways you can give her a lil help with her immune system.Even the new dannon immune booster yogurt might help her.But the vet is the proper place to start.See what he or she says first.Maybe a dietary change could be helpful.Would you consider feeding her a raw diet for a spell to let her system get back to speed.Might work wonders for her.

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    I would try Manuka Honey (active) (it is a honey from New Zealand that comes from the tea tree bush). Checkout It is a wonder product for people and dogs- great for tummy upsets, acid reflux and infections. My friend gave her dog who had pink eye a small amount on a spoon for a day or so and it cleared up right away. It is kind of a natural antibiotic and is used in hospitals for stubborn infections. It is very concentrated and expensive but worth it's weight in gold. It is also great for gingivitis. I am not a sale rep just a New Zealander who swears by this product. Get the "active" type as it is the most effective for infections etc.


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