Perianal Fistula
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    Well....we went to the vet today and she tells me he has a perianal fistula and that he has to stay on cyclosporin from now on. It is about 300.00 a month and she is going to try to get a generic but it will still be high
    Is this something really rare and if so does anybody else know about it. I mean how do I know that he has to stay on it forever ???
    I wish it could be in something he has eaten or something simple.
    This is the problem I was telling about earlier where he turns around and trys to bite at his tail all the time. It has stopped but she has also cleaned his glands twice. Maybe that fixed it huh.......
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    DefaultRe: Perianal Fistula

    A perianal fistula can be cured! There is no reason to keep on antibiotics FOREVER.

    Generally speaking, packing, flushing with saline, draining and local application of antibiotics should be enough to help, but he could be on ab's for two to three months.

    Considering my boy had antibiotics for two months for a hematoma and it cost upwards of $750- your vet is pretty cheap!

    Hope your boy gets better soon. I've heard those things are painful.


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