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    So Jessie was spayed three weeks ago this friday. Dh noticed her dragging her butt across the floor last week, so I mentioned it to the vet this past friday when she was getting her sutures out. Vet felt her and said yea the left is full and extracted it. I left and today I got a bill for $22.00 in the mail for the extraction. WTH?? I didn't ask her to do it, she didn't tell me she was gonna do it, and she didn't say it was gonna cost me? Is this a normal price?? How hard is it to learn to do this yourself? Has anyone had any issues with this being a constant problem after spaying, I am thinking it is because she has no play time to etract them her self, will this go away? Also how long after spaying b4 you let dog play and run in the yard and play fetch? I know this is a lot but Thanks

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    Anal gland issues have nothing to do with spaying. It's usually related to allergies or diet. Yes, $22 is a reasonable price. No, I wouldn't suggest doing this yourself. Most groomers can express the glands externally and it may be cheaper. If the glands are positioned such that they require an internal expression, it's best left to someone who knows what they are doing (vet or vet tech). If they are not expressed correctly, you could rupture the gland. They can also become infected if not expressed completely/correctly. In addition, the vet/vet tech usually examine the contents to make sure they look normal.

    The vet probably should have asked you if you wanted the glands expressed, but honestly, would you have said no? Doubtful. It is very painful for the dog to have impacted glands. I wouldn't ask my dog to deal with it. The vet assumed, right or wrong, that you wanted the issue resolved.

    Whether or not your dog continues to have an issue depends on why she had the issue this time. It could be her diet, allergies, or a number of other things including anatomy. I'd assume that she would continue to have the issue unless proven otherwise. Dogs will typically begin to lick themselves and avoid sitting when they start having an issue. By the time they start scooting, the problem is pretty well advanced. Keep an eye out for it.

    Murray has allergies and gets his anal glands expressed every 5 weeks. I gladly pay the $22. ;D

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    I don't know much about anal gland problems but 3 weeks post op should be plenty for restricted play she should be good to go at her own pace now.


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