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    Chopper has an upset tummy. He's thrown up a few times today. I'm sure its due to both eating a yummy piece of paper (I'm assuming it was yummy, but he threw it up), and about an entire pack of weiners the kids thought it was funny to feed him. They didn't think it was so funy when they got punished for it!

    Anyhow, I was just wondering what I could give him while his stomach settles. He was fed (accidently by my husband) right after he was sick this morning, and he threw it up again. But I was wondering what would be easy on his stomach, or should I feed him at all? I'm pretty sure he just has an upset stomach, and its nothing more serious. Any suggestions?

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    fast him for now

    tomorrow a LIGHT meal - rice and chicken broth or half his normal food is plenty!

    poor guy and poor you

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    I would fast him for 12-24 hours then try boiled ground meat or chicken & rice. Start with small portions....then gradually increase & see how he does. That's what I do when my girls have an upset tummy & throw up. I hope he feels better soon.


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