Worried---Post-Spay Discharge---Help!
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Thread: Worried---Post-Spay Discharge---Help!

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    DefaultWorried---Post-Spay Discharge---Help!

    Breezy was spayed 2 weeks ago today. All seemd to be going well, and she got her stitches out this past Monday. Since then I have been noticing a small amount of brownish-red 'discharge' coming from her vagina. It's sort of gooey. I was wondering why she had been constantly licking herself down there, and now I know. I called the Vet yesterday and she said to keep an eye on her and call her in a couple of days if it doesn't stop. She has been acting normal, eating normal and aside from one or two loose stools, she is pooping normal. I will call the Vet later today. In the meantime, I was just wondering if any of your girls have ever had this happen, and if it is something serious?? :-\


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    DefaultRe: Worried---Post-Spay Discharge---Help!

    I don't remember anything like that with Mocha.


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