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    Defaultfine-needle aspiration liver biopsy...

    Has anyone had this procedure done on their dog(s)? My dog Rocky had a couple of small lumps investigated, one on his side came back as just a Fatty lump. One near his armpit was thought to be mast cell perhaps. They did an ultra sound on liver and lungs. The ultra sound guy said things looked good and analysis of the lung pictures were good. The vet now wants to do a fine needle aspiration of the liver 'just to be sure' The lump that was under his arm is almost impossible to find now.

    The vet seemed to indicate that the fine needle aspiration should be no problem risk wise. To be honest I feel like I'm getting the run around a bit and am getting fed up with repeated tests, then more lets be sure test, etc (Not to mention the cost, though that is obviously not the major concern.)

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    DefaultRe: fine-needle aspiration liver biopsy...

    Has he had problems with his liver in the past? There isn't much risk, unless there is a bleeding disorder, for a FNA of the liver.

    However, I would be tempted to find out *for sure* that the mass truly is a mast cell tumor (MCT) before having needles stuck into his liver. I would mark it now while you can still feel it with a permanent marker, and have the vet remove it with wide margins and send it in for histopathology (biopsy). If it comes back as a MCT, I would pursue a consultation with a cancer specialist as a next step to find out what else truly needs to be done.


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