Red Spots??
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    My 22 month black lab Murphy has developed some redness in his groin area and under one of his front "armpits" in the last couple of days. He also had a loose BM accident in the house during the night, and very runny stools this morning. I probably need to take him to the vet, but always like to run this by others, that way I'm more prepped to ask the right questions when I'm at the vet. He's been eating Canidae food for about a year and has done very well with it, so a food allergy would surprise me. Only change recently, I did buy IAMS biscuits instead of his usual MilkBones. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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    The bumps sound like a staph infection to me, but it's hard to say without seeing pics really.
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    When Mocha had a staph infection it was on her stomach mainly around her privates and on the pink parts of her belly. They were red hive type bumps. She got special shampoo and antibiotics and it cleared right up.
    Mostly I've heard of them getting the staph infection from their belly being damp for a while or Mocha got hers from swimming in a lake and not getting rinsed off good after.


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