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Thread: puppy with tummy troubles

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    I just thought I'd throw this question out to the experts. We got a 2nd lab, a black male, 5 1/2 months old. He had coccidia and giardia when we brought him home from the breeder but cleared those quickly with medication. He had loose stools on and off while we were getting rid of those parasites. Now he seems to have loose stools and occasional diarrhea more often then regular formed stools. 2-3 weeks ago I took him to the vet to have him checked and to send off another stool sample. Our vet said he looked fine on exam and was gaining weight. He did a rectal exam and found pieces of wood from sticks Boomer had been sneaking behind our backs while in the backyard. Our vet gave him some hairball medicine to "lubricate" him up, put him on another dose of Metrodiazole (Flagyl), told me to add potatoes to his kibble to make it more of a bland diet and to keep him away from the sticks. It's almost as if he had a doggy colitis attack. He seemed to get better over the next couple of weeks but would still have very soft, sometimes mushy stools. But last night and today has watery diarrhea again, except when he pooped 1st thing this am. Here's my thinking, something is continuing to give this little guy an upset bowel. I am transitioning him over to Nature's Recipe Puppy to Nature's Recipe Large Breed Puppy. The regular puppy was lamb and rice versus the large breed is chicken based. I thought the lamb might be too fatty for him. But I started the transition 4 days ago and the diarrhea just started within the last 24 hours. He also got a dose of Heartguard Plus yesterday and possibly that's upset his stomach again?? Although I have been very diligent about the sticks he is like "Stealth Puppy" when it comes to finding acorns in the backyard and chomping on those. That's about all I can come up with for causative agents. Any other suggestions, ideas? I doubt he has another parasite as his last stool sample was clean. I just feel badly for him. Thanks for your feedback!

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    DefaultRe: puppy with tummy troubles

    Harlee has an upset stomach like this on and off rom the time she was 7 week until she was about 6 months. I would add a tablespoon of canned pumpkin in his food and see if that helps.

    She is now 10 months and she hasnt had any tummy trouble lately

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    DefaultRe: puppy with tummy troubles

    Could it be the Giardia that's come back. I know I've heard it's really hard to find even if they do the right test but once they have it they will always have it and can have flare ups occasionally.


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