Living with stairs - hip stress?
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Thread: Living with stairs - hip stress?

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    DefaultLiving with stairs - hip stress?

    Our house has 14 stone steps down to our yard. We are up and down them with new pup a LOT (potty training)! We've been mostly carrying her, but recently she's started to romp right up about half the steps herself. She still can't manage the "down." She's 10 wks old. Is intensive stair-use risky for stressing growing joints, especially hips? Are stairs associated with hip issues? How do you manage in a house with stairs - esp. if the stairs are to the outside?! The dog will be using stairs a lot. BTW, I asked my vet, and she felt it wasn't too much of a concern, as long as pup seemed comfortable doing it. What do you think? Thanks.

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    I think genetics plays a bigger part than environment. I always find it interesting how the one dog I coddled as a pup, Cinder (never let her jump, use stairs, get in and out of the truck, etc.) is the only one who has had severe issues.
    Really young pups who cannot use those stairs is one thing but if she is willing to navigate them I say let her do it.

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