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Thread: Spaying

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    Good Day Everyone!

    Miss Bella is going in to the Vet's office tomorrow to be spayed. We are supposed to keep her from playing too hard for 10-14 days LOL Any suggestions. And any other comments on how to help her be comfortable and heal safely.

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    DefaultRe: Spaying

    Not a pleasant time.

    When the Elizabethan collar comes off, you could take frequent walks on leash, maybe go to some new places to pique her interest -- downtown, outside shopping mals, etc.?

    Before the E-collar comes off, maybe use a NILIF** protocol for meals and do some training at that time?


    ** NILIF -- Nothing in Life is Free: the dog is trained and fed during meal time; obeying each command earns a small amount of kibble from your hand and the dog's entire meal is consumed in this manner.
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    DefaultRe: Spaying

    We're going thru the same thing over here! What fun! : Breezy was spayed last Thursday, so today is Day 8. The first couple of days were no problem, since she was a little sore and slept a lot. A few days later it was as if nothing ever happened and she was rarin' to go! It has been a challenge trying to keep her from her usual style of 'play'. And I KNOW she is wondering where her doggie girlfriend from down the street is! What I've been doing is walking her 3 times a day instead of twice. We've been walking to areas of the neighborhood we don't usually go to, so it is fun for her with all the new smells, people, etc. Also, try hide and seek, either in the house or if weather permits, outdoors. I also hide a portion of her breakfast outside in the yard and we play 'find the biscuit'. ( A few pieces of kibble in each hiding spot ).
    I have noticed that she is back to chewing on stuff she shouldn't be. > > I caught her gnawing on our wooden staircase and also the area rug in the hallway. UGH. I thought we were done with that! But I know she's bored and has some pent-up energy. Once the Vet says it's okay to play and run and all that, I'm hoping she'll stop eating my house! Also, frozen Kongs are a good pacifier as well. Good luck.....Hope your girl is back to normal soon!

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    DefaultRe: Spaying

    Short leashed walks, frozen stuffed kongs, hide and seek kibble games in the house, plenty of crate time so she rests. It's not easy but better than busting a stitch.


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