Changing food - every couple of days eating grass
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Thread: Changing food - every couple of days eating grass

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    DefaultChanging food - every couple of days eating grass

    We rescued Barney last October. We started feeding him Eukanuba Lab food. He eats it fine, but every couple of days he eats grass and throws up instead of eating. Now this morning he isn't eating but he isn't eating grass either.

    Bailey is 27 months and sometimes she doesn't want to eat and we don't worry about it. She eats the next meal. So to begin with we didn't worry about him not eating. But it's about every three days he eats grass instead of eating. Other than that he's perfectly fine.

    His poop is not runny but it's not perfectly formed stools like Bailey's is. And every once in a while it's like a firmer mud pie????

    Anyway. We're thinking of changing food but don't even know where to begin there are so many. And then, should we change her, too? When my daughter brings her dog for the weekend, Bailey has always tried to get to Bode's food. It's just Eukanuba lamb and rice. I feel like if we don't switch her, too, she's just gonna be miserable and not eat hers, wanting to get some of his. (Maybe I'm borrowing trouble thinking this, but I like to plan ahead for all contingencies.)

    Anyway, please give me your thoughts.

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    DefaultRe: Changing food - every couple of days eating grass

    Most Labs eat grass and that's perfectly fine as long as the grass hasn't been treated with chemicals (herbicides, pesticides).

    At our weekly LabFests, when there's fresh, new tender grass growing, sometimes so many Labs will be munching they look like a herd of cows.

    The only downside I've seen from the grass eating is when a turd comes out suspended on a long stalk with one end retained inside the back door. (I call these "stalking danglers" -- or is it or "dangling stalkers"?) Puff has learned to stand still so I can remove her unwanted company.

    There are a variety of good dog foods but grass eating is not a reason for switching, probably.
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    DefaultRe: Changing food - every couple of days eating grass

    Our lab Zeus is a grazer he is always snacking on grass but he doesn't throw up from it.
    I would be worried about the not eating concistantly and throwing up every few days. I think I'd have the vet check him out first then maybe concider switching his food if everything there is fine.
    I don't think it's a big deal to switch both dogs to the same food as long as they both do well on it. If one has problems you might have to go back to the old food they were doing well on or try another one.

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    rpliegos Guest

    DefaultRe: Changing food - every couple of days eating grass

    When you read about the origin of the Labrador Retriever in books they all mention they used angus cattle as surrogate mothers to feed labrador puppies and help them develop the strong round torax characteristic of the breed. An unintended adverse effect is that labs developed a cow mentality and think they need to graze to keep their other three stomachs working all day.... ;D

    Just kidding. I´ve had 4 labs in my life and they have all been grass grazers. I don´t know why they love to munch on the grass. Both of my dogs eat grass everyday (and by the way I also feed Eukanuba labrador - coincidence???). they sometimes vomit it, sometimes it just comes out after number 2. I gave up trying to prevent them... but never allow them to eat grass outside of my yard.

    Neither my cocker or my great dane grazed, so its a Labracow thing

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    DefaultRe: Changing food - every couple of days eating grass

    Try alfalfa powder. ~1/2 teas per day would be a start. I feed Canidae and ever since I switched (from Euk) many years ago, the grass eating has quickly diminished. I think (no scientific proof) that my dogs just craved more greens than they were getting and this will certainly do no harm.

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    DefaultRe: Changing food - every couple of days eating grass

    Tsina our lab LOVES grass! although she does vomit afterwards she still eats them, and loves them. But when she sees other foods then she's off the grass :-\

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    DefaultRe: Changing food - every couple of days eating grass

    My shepherd eats grass in order to induce vomiting. Usually due to an empty stomache. Since we started feeding her 2xs a day that has mostly stopped. My Lab seems to not be all that interested in eating grass.


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