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    Hi I'm new here. I have a 8 year old yellow lab. Last mth our other dog had to be put to sleep ( 6 year old rottie) and since then his eyes water like he's crying. We don't know if he has an eye infection or if he's actually crying. It seems he only does it at certain times of the day like if we leave the house n he's home alone when we get home there rolling down his face. It just started after we had to put the other dog down and its getting a little better. Sometimes he has slimys in them but not everytime. He's had a little Haze over his eyes for about a year now. He can see well though, any help? ? ?

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    My aunt had a dog that cried real tears. I would however take him to a vet and get it checked out. There are all kinds of things it could be and the cloudiness would worry me. And with all eye problems, the sooner the better outcome.
    Good Luck


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