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    Hi everyone

    I was hoping somebody would give me some advice regarding my merlin. He was jumping up at my son last week and when he got down he landed a bit strange and limped a little but after 5 minutes he was fine.

    The otherday, he was playing with another puppy and was loving it but this puppy was a border terrior and faster than him which meant he was running about a little too much. they were also rolling about with each other and I had to stop play as he was getting too giddy and I did not want him to over do it. The next day we went on a short 20 min slow walk in the field near us and he was just sniffing about and not doing too much but he started to limp a little bit. I made him rest for the next day or two and just let him go in and out of the garden and only have a 10 min walk. The limp did not come back. I have restricted him to playing in the garden and have reduced his walking down. When we did go out, he spent most of the time just sniffing off lead and never runs about so I dont really do 20 mins continuous walking. More like a slow ramble.

    When he gets up after sleeping he looks like he is stiff when walking but It might be that he is just tired as its not a limp. He is Ok when he comes round (just like me when I get up, its takes 3 cups of coffee for me to come round ha.)

    He is 40lb at four months, and when we got him from the breeder he was 16lb at 8 weeks so I do worry that he is getting too big. He does not look fat and has the correct recommended food with no extra bits/treats. We give him his own food as reward.

    Am I over doing it? should I not let him play with other dogs? I feel really bad and really hope I have not hurt him allowing this play the oher day.

    Any advice would be appreciated

    Amanda (and merlin)

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    DefaultRe: ocd, pano?

    No, you may not be over doing it...he's in a growth stage...it very well could be something or nothing. Pano is growing pains and it alternates where the lameness is. OCD stays in one area and you can tell. My Rookie has OCD in his hock (had surgery in Sept.) and he was non weight bearing around the 4 month stage...it was more than limping, he'd put the least amount of weight on it just standing. It could be a number of things, the only way to know for sure is to have a vet check him out. But I think you resting him is a great idea. Only let him out on leash walks...even for potty for a few days and see how that works.
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    DefaultRe: ocd, pano?

    Beware of "doesn't look fat". Many Labs carry a lot of weight well, but could still do with loosing several pounds. One of the Labbies I look after took to limping and went inactive at about two. She was a good solid looking girl, no obvious flab. I directed her owners to an excellent vet who did Xrays, determined her elbows were bad, and laid down the law. She is now 10 kg (22 lbs) lighter. She now looks lean but not malnourished. And you should see her move. She's a new dog.

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    DefaultRe: ocd, pano?

    The only way you will know would be through x-rays...you can't officially "diagnose" OCD or pano, or elbow dysplasia, etc. without them.

    At that age, jumping can induce joint injuries as well. I know you probably couldn't do anything about it (puppies and kids together can be a challenge and a joy, eh? LOL), but try to avoid any jumping that will allow the majority of his weight to come down hard on his joints.

    I hope he's feeling better soon!

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