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    So Bella's got a decent case of diarrhea going on.

    Quick background. Adopted almost three weeks ago now, kept her on the same food she was on at the foster. She was adopted into a home with a cat and a Corgi, both of which have been healthy.

    Last Saturday we took the dogs out hiking at a state park, and everything was fine there. Sunday came, and after reading a bit on the forum, I thought I'd give her some sardines for her coat. Gave her two of three, and they didn't sit well with her (lesson learned) and that's when it started.

    By Sunday night she had extremely loose stools, and Monday morning (I had the day off, and wasn't on the usual routine) she had an accident in the kitchen. It looked like it had cleared up by Tuesday, but yesterday it was back, and she had another accident in the kitchen.

    She doesn't appear to be sick, nor does it appear to be anything like giardia. She's playful, energetic, etc. She'll play "fetch" with her Kong Dental stick, still enjoys her walks (though I'd enjoy them more if it would warm up a little!) and is in good spirits. Could the sardines be affecting her still?

    After reading the forum last night, we're fasting her for 24 hours. Any other suggestions?


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    DefaultRe: Diarrhea... help?

    It's prolly not the sardines at this point, but prolly an irritated gut from the sardines is still causing the problem. Rest that gut for 24 hours. Then add something bland like rice and boiled hamburger/chicken. Once she starts having normal stools, slowly add her regular food over the next 3-5 days.



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