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    Just wanted to make a post as I am really stressed about my Black Lab Dion.. He's how it went.. Friday afternoon he started getting sick, maybe about 4 times and did some dry heaving for a few hrs after that.. I went to work at 4pm and got a call from the g/f at 6pm and she said he just had a pee on the kitchen floor a few times.. So i got home from work at about 6:03 (I live near by). I called a few vets and they said to bring him in for a check up saturday morning as I live about 45mins from the city and they we closing.. I stayed up all night with him and feed him ice cubes and within a few hours he was back to normal.. Gave him tiny bits of food satursay morning and he was fine.. So no vet visit.. Last Night I got home from work at midnight, Dion came outside to greet me at the car like normal and within seconds he started getting sick.. but it went on for a few hours.. So i was awake all night with him with no food or water and had him to the vet first thing this morning.. He did get sick alot last night and kept the dry heaving up even while at the vet.. All along he wants to play etc.. Like any other Lab I am sure.. So we get to the vet and they start with a Xray.. Seems like there is something in the intestine, but not 100% on that, so next is blood work.. Most is great but something is abit high (Something about Pancreitis or something like that) so then it was some kinda chalk stuff and more xrays.. So far the bill is over a 1000 bucks.. They kept him there and I came home. I just called them and they could not find anything on the new xrays and said he seems to be feeling better. He has some kinda Kathader IV in his leg. They said they would like to keep him over night but he would be alone for 12hrs and I said No.. So I am Picking him up at 730pm so I can keep an eye on him as I took yet another night off work. He will still have the IV thing in his front leg for the night and I have to bring him back in the morning for 9am to see how the night went. and remove the IV etc.. I am just breally frusterated about this. If it cost me 10,000 and they found something and fixed it I would be ok with that, but I was just told we know whats its not and he seems to be feeling better?? Argghhh lol I am so stredd right now.. Dion will be 3 in June, still a pup and was not into anything in the house.. Maybe grass and branches outside is all I can think of, but sick twice 3 or 4 days apart doing the same thing makes me wonder.. Anyways Thats all for now.. Just had to get this off my chest.. Sorry about the spelling and stuff..


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    DefaultRe: Stressed !!! Sick Lab..

    I'm sorry to here about Dion.

    I totally hear you on the stress. We just had to spend about $2500 on our cat, blindly, not knowing what was wrong with her. It is so very stressful and worrisome. :-\

    We eventually found out what was wrong with her (inflammatory pancreatic/liver disease) so hopefully you'll find out soon what's bothering Dion.
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    DefaultRe: Stressed !!! Sick Lab..

    I think not knowing what is causing him to be sick is very stressful. I hope he feels better & you can get an answer. Good luck.


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