Bella's itching!
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    ExclamationBella's itching!

    Ok, so 2 weeks ago, my 5 month old Bella broke out in hives all over her body. ALL over. We took her to the vet and she said Bella has an allergy to beef. (we were feeding her purina one large breed puppy)

    So now Bella is on Iams Chicken diet.

    She was sent home on gentamycin, prednisone, and benedryl and a hexadine wash (i think thats the name)

    When this happened I thought that the Scott's lawn guys had treated our yard and she had got into the chemicals in the yard.

    Well we just moved 5 days ago- and she is no better. She has hives still from head to toe and she is miserable with itching!

    I called the vet and she said to increase Bella's benedryl to 25mg 5x a day.

    I am getting irritated because i know Bella is irritated. I don't know what else to do for her to make her more comfortable.

    If this was a food allergy it would be out of her system by now! this is unreal!

    any advice please!!!


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    Her allergy may not be beef, there are other things in her food, that could be bothering her. Any treats that she gets? BTW is it hives? Was she tested by chance for a yeast type infection. Been there, done that...sigh Good Luck and keep us posted.

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    I am sorry you are going through this. My pup had a severe case of hives when he was 7 months old. This is what he looked like

    The vet thought that it may have been a spider bite but an exact cause was never found. He was also on Pred and Benadry and special shampoo for 4 days but when this stopped the hives returned along with a rash. He was put on antibiotics and the pred and benadry was restarted at higher doses for about 14 days. it was the worst time in this pups life. He did nothing but sleep and pee and his muscles started to waste away from the pred. But it did work. The hives did not come back and have not come back since.

    As a person that suffers periodically from hives I can tell you that sometimes hives can happen for no reason at all. sometimes I get them if it is too cold outside. Other times if I am stressed. I have known people who suffer from them for weeks before they go away.

    Hang in there. It might take some time to get the offending agent out of her system. I am somewhat skeptical that it is a beef allergy if this is somethign that cropped up all the sudden but who am I to say.
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    that is exactly what she looks like!!

    i am like you with the beef allergy-

    here we are almost 3 weeks later and she is still covered head to toe.

    she is so miserable and she itches. she will sit in the bathtub just waiting for one of us to bath her- the water and the rub downs relax her and sooth the itch for a while.

    she looks the way she feels.

    i am almost sure its staph. i just have a gut feeling. the sore open and bleed. we have to doctor them often.

    thanks for your help!

    good to see your picture and know she isnt alone.

    here's a pic from last week. you can sorta see on her face and legs where the hives are.

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