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    My Choc. Lab has had a problem with allergies(inhaled and contact) no ear infections. Spring throu fall he is like a mexican hairless on his legs up to the first joint, around mouth and eyes and under his front armpits. Smells badly, sheds really bad, scratching and chewing at his paws and legs and my carpet looks like it has snow on it. I have done all kinds of changing of foods including science diet ultra change.This past season he was so bad we finally had to put him on steroids and now he is on 30mg every other day. I know that is bad but it was a last resort cause he was so bad. He also takes phenabarb for seizues. ANY SUGGESTIONS??? I have had his blood tested for allergies and the only thing is sea grass, molds, dust mites. I do revolution for fleas and ticks.

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    DefaultRe: Food Issues

    Have you had his thyroid tested? Lost of hair and epilepsy can point to thyroid issues.
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    DefaultRe: Food Issues

    My suggestion, if you haven't done this already, would be to take your dog to a good, reputable holistic vet. Maybe they will be able to give a different perspective on your situation and offer alternatives to the steroids at least. Hopefully you find the cause of all this! Good luck.

    Edited to say: Have you tried stopping the flea/tick meds to see how he does off of them?

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    DefaultRe: Food Issues

    If he stinks, I'd have him checked for yeast... a good holistic vet would help you there too.

    WindyCanyon Girls, August 2014


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