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Thread: Overweight?

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    Here's a pic of my dog. Its not a good one because he's doing his favorite thing....sleeping. But I'm not sure if he's overweight or not. I've seen lots of labs that have been all different sizes. But I think my guy is a bit on the chubby side. He is a rescue that we've only have since November, and we've been concentrating on some behaviorial issues before all else. But I'm thinking we should start to concentrate on his weight. I've just put him on a good dog food, and I'm hoping that will help. He's an average height for a lab, and about 85 pounds. Too heavy?

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    DefaultRe: Overweight?

    the view from the top and from the side are best for determining whether a dog is overweight. As you note, repose makes it difficult. It looks like your boy has a tendency to spare tires, and he may be a bit chubby. He doesn't look gross. Can you see a bit of a tuck at the waistline when he's standing? If you run your hand along his side, can you feel that he has ribs? If the answers are 'no', you should probably be looking toward taking off a few pounds.

    My dogs have done better with 'feed them less' as opposed to 'diet food'. Most diet food seems to be low fat, and this may show up as a poor coat.

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    DefaultRe: Overweight?

    As mentionned above - there is no way to tell by looking at that picture (though it's cute!). From above is best.

    Having said that, this is something you should talk to your vet about. Sometimes pictures can be deceiving. The rule of thumb is you should be able to feel the ribs.

    I also agree with the above, stay with the food that works and feed less/exercise more. If need be there are things you can add to "fill" without adding calories (green beans I think). Most of all, watch the treats you use, how often you use them.
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    DefaultRe: Overweight?

    What a handsome boy. ;D

    As the others have said, it's tough to tell if he's overweight when he's laying down. If he is over weight, I don't think he's overweight by much. He looks like he's a big boy and built like my Murray. What I see just looks like extra skin, not necessarily fat but then I can't put my hands on him either. I can see the outline of his rib cage. I can't tell if he is too thick thru the flank though due to the position.

    Here is an illustration to help you determine if he's overweight.

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