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    DefaultSwitching food....

    I am going to be switching Roger over to the Proplan large breed puppy food. He is currently on Iams Large breed puppy. I was looking at the Proplan bag and it suggests feeding him less than half of what I was suggested to do with the Iams food.....is this correct? If so he is going to be BULL! haha
    Father to Roger<br />Roger is 14 Months old.<br />

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    DefaultRe: Switching food....

    I would check the websites to see how many calories per cup each food is. Then try to adjust accordingly. You can start off with what the bag suggests, then give more or less as you see how he does on it.


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    DefaultRe: Switching food....

    We gave walter pro plan puppy 2cups twice a day untill he was almost 1, I'm not sure if this was too much or not. He was a sick puppy always vomiting and had the runs, right befor we switched his food we were giving 3cups per meal so he would gain weight.

    I've heard the more fillers a food has the more the dog needs to eat, maybe pro plan doesn't have as many fillers as iams.

    I've always gone with trial and error, give him what you think is best and if he starts to gain too much weight cut back on the amounts.

    Good luck, mines a monster with or without enough food ;D


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