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    Does a body odor usually mean something is wrong or could it just mean they need a bath? Jake has developed an odd odor this past week. Even my husband noticed it. He has no rash or itching. Hasn't gotten into anything that he'd need a bath. No anal gland problems. Several months ago he did have a slight yeast infection in his ear. Vet gave me meds and he seemed fine after. Checked his ears, no redness, dark stuff, clean as can be. I just don't know what it could be, but I hate having him at my feet! He has only had maybe two baths in his life and they were needed because of the mud he got in.

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    DefaultRe: dog odor

    Yes,it can be an indication something is amiss health wise. Is it a doggy odor or bad breath or yeasty ears or anal glands? If he seems fine anyway, there is a spray you can make with the Gold Listerine and water. I think it's 50 - 50 solution. You spray your dog with it and towel him down. Freshens up the coat without bathing.

    Some labs get too much oil accumulation in the coat and do need a bath as they'll smell a bit doggy.

    I hope nothing is amiss and you can just freshen him up a bit

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    One time when Hershey developed really nasty BO it turned out to be a staph infection of his skin so a skin infection (bacterial, yeast or fungal) is another possibility. Once we got Hershey on the correct antibiotics the smell went away.

    I'm not as anti-bath as some so I'd probably go ahead and give Jake a bath. If that takes care of the smell, great. If the smell comes back in a few days then you know something else is going on and you probably should make a vet trip.


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