Puppies climbing stairs...good/bad?
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Thread: Puppies climbing stairs...good/bad?

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    DefaultPuppies climbing stairs...good/bad?

    I live on the third flood as stated in a previous post. Roger has no problem running up the two flights of stairs...but is still scared and i think unable to navigate down them. Is it ok for him to be running up the two flights? Or is this bad for his joints?
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    DefaultRe: Puppies climbing stairs...good/bad?

    Hi! and welcome to the forum!

    Not sure about going up, but I was told to carry Henry down the stairs until he was too heavy to carry anymore!! LOL! It's really scary for young pups to go down stairs... when the time comes, you can help Roger by placing him on the first step (from the bottom) and using treats to coax him down the bottom. Then on the 2nd step up, and then the 3rd and so on.

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