X-Post from LC-Is our dog fat?
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Thread: X-Post from LC-Is our dog fat?

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    DefaultX-Post from LC-Is our dog fat?

    SU said yesterday he thinks Clarence is getting fat. I disagree. Unfortunately, I don't have any good pictures of him on my work computer. He has an indent where his hips are, and I can feel his ribs if I run my hands along his sides. He's on the short side, so I think he looks pretty "stocky" but not fat. He gets fed 1 3/4 cups of dry food (Timberwolf) twice a day and has maybe 1-2 doggie biscuits per day, a bully stick maybe once per week and a cream cheese frozen Kong 2-3 times per month. I also give him some baby carrots to munch here and there when I'm making dinner. He gets lots of exercise at doggie daycare and I walk him a few miles each day on the weekends. SU takes him with the ChuckIt to the park sometimes too. Last time he was weighed (about 2 months ago) he was 76 pounds. He'll be two in Feb. What are good alternative snacks? I have haven't tried green beans yet but I will. What about the amount of food he's getting? How much do you all feed? I'll check H&N too. TIA.
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    DefaultRe: X-Post from LC-Is our dog fat?

    I think we'd need to see pics.
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