This is really just for my own knowledge. Yesterday at the Vet's office I met a darling very petite yellow girl. She is part of the Guide Dog program, so she has a care taker trainer here, but directions for her care come from California. She is just under a year old now. She had her first heat in September, and along with coming into season came the mother of all UTI's. It's still not totally gone. She has been on antibiotics since then one kind or another, they have tested, cultured urine, and done an ultra sound. There is another girl from the same litter with the same problem (different location). She has missed months of training, but is still part of the program. Vet and caretaker think she should be spayed now. Program wants to wait until she is 18months and evaluate her for breeding.

So I have two questions, I thought that a spay surgery with a UTI wasn't recommended? And what would the spay accomplishment in terms of curing the UTI?