Any comments about.."AKC Pet Healthcare Plan"
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Thread: Any comments about.."AKC Pet Healthcare Plan"

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    DefaultAny comments about.."AKC Pet Healthcare Plan"

    I have heard some opinions but I have not been on line in a few months and was looking to see if it is worth the money.



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    jan elaine Guest

    DefaultRe: Any comments about.."AKC Pet Healthcare Plan"

    Aw, beautiful puppy! I am looking into the same thing so no help here. Type in health insurance in the search box and it will bring up some comments.Goodluck!

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    jlab Guest

    DefaultRe: Any comments about.."AKC Pet Healthcare Plan"

    Don't know about AKC Pet Healthcare but after much investigation I purchased "Pet Care Insurance" ( at about $60 per month that covers both my labs. I've had it for about 6 months and was hestant at first but I can tell you that it is definately worth it. One of my labs recently came down with pancreatitus and I had to take her to the emergency vet (very $$$). There are 2 requirements: 1) each covered dog is required to get an annual physical and 2) each dog gets annual vaccines as recommended by the vet. When you make a claim, all you do is submit proof of those 2 requirements (vet signature and acknowledgement) along with your claim.

    The reason I was hesitant was because of requirement #2. I'm totally against unnecessary vaccines except the rabies that is required by law. My vet recommends annual vaccines at every visit and I've always refused to get those vaccines. When it came time to complete the claim form, the vet put a little remark on the form that I got the rabies vaccine but not the others that were recommended. I thought I was going to have to get into a big discussion with the insurance company explaining my reasoning but they paid the claim promptly. So this insurance has already paid for itself and without any hassling.


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