Arggg! Jonah has diarrhea again!
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Thread: Arggg! Jonah has diarrhea again!

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    DefaultArggg! Jonah has diarrhea again!

    AHHHHH!!!! We went through vet visit, fecal tests, bland food, flagyl (sp?) and got good poops for 2 days, then diarrhea again. I'm not sure if I'm just going back into his kibble to fast, or if something else is going on (see below). Vet brought by some R/D last night and said do that and/or chicken/rice for awhile, also some more flagyl, and she's bringing by Panacur tonight just to see if that helps (even though nothing showed up in any of the tests).

    Now, vent on the kids. I found out they have been giving him food. Here's what I found out: He got some of my 7 year old's egg yesterday (she only had one, and I know she likes the white part, but not the yellow, so I bet that's what he got). He ate some of my 3 year old's cheese last week, and today some of her breakfast bar. My 5 year old wouldn't talk. Now I'm sure there is more they aren't fessing up to. I threatened them with their lives, their Christmas presents, and explained how much money I keep spending on vet bills takes away from stuff for them, and that if they feed him it isn't helping him get better (or possibly making him sick). So do you think it is possible that eating food from them could be giving him the diarrhea (or make it keep coming back these last 10 days)? He does have a sensative tummy, as we've had poop issues before when we first brought him home and on different foods and both times it took a long time to clear up. I'd almost feel better knowing that was what was doing it, as it is an easier, cheaper fix.
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    DefaultRe: Arggg! Jonah has diarrhea again!

    I doubt it's the little bits of food but the only way to tell for sure is to stop it. I hope the meds and new food gets rid of the yucky poops.
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    DefaultRe: Arggg! Jonah has diarrhea again!

    It could very well be the little bits of food, all depending on what he's been getting and how much of it. Cheese and egg won't harm him, but what's in the breakfast bar? It's hard to make kids aware of foods that could seriously harm/kill your dog, especially at the ages you've got!

    What food is he on again? Is it Orijen? I wonder if it's maybe just too rich for his system?
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    DefaultRe: Arggg! Jonah has diarrhea again!

    Yikes.... poor Jonah.

    If he's anything like Baloo, the egg alone would have brought on a major diarrhea episode all by itself, let alone the other stuff. Especially if he got the yolk....

    But then Baloo can't even really have dog treats, as they give him soft poops (too many and it's a trip to diarrhea town.... :-\) so we train with pieces of kibble, and subtract that from his next meal.

    Your kids sound almost as bad as my mom...... :

    Hope you can get him back on track soon.
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    DefaultRe: Arggg! Jonah has diarrhea again!

    Oh no! Poor Jonah. I hate to blame your kids I dont exactly know your situation but they couldve been feeding him the whole time. That would explain alot. The flagyl worked great for Bogey, I was a bit concered when he didnt poop but everything is working out fine now. Good luck , hope you find the problem!

    Courtney, Bogey and Calli


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