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    DefaultCanidae farts

    Hi all....I've put my 2 girls, Daisy and Speckles, on Canidae because I wanted to get the wheat and corn out of their diets....and Speckles' scratching her skin is now almost non-existent. However, Daisy has been farting like a's as loud as a human (quite funny, actually) but room-clearing. They've only been on the Canidae for about 3 weeks. Should I hang on, or change their food to something else? And another there a corn and wheat-free food that PetSmart sells?

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    DefaultRe: Canidae farts

    Cooper was on Canidae for two bags worth. HIs farts were amazingly loud and tooty - in fact he would turn around like WHO DID THAT. His breath was terrible too. (although that may have been poop eating, not sure about that though).

    He was pretty itchy the whole time and it was getting worse, so we are switching over. I am ashamed to say I switch cold turkey - he never gets gastro upset from a switch. I mix it up for about two days and thats it for the transition.

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    DefaultRe: Canidae farts

    I have both Shane and Clarence on Canidae and while my oldest (Clarence) farted more in the beginning, they've both been on it for 9 months and there aren't any problems. I also add 4 in 1 probiotics to their food. It's a combination of yogurt-like beneficial bacteria, digestive enzymes (good for the stomach). The breeder started Shane on this food and the 4 in 1 probiotics so I've never switched.

    Since you say it's only been 3 weeks, I would give it months to be sure. I do know that one food doesn't always work well for all dogs. You just have to find the one that works best for your dog.


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    DefaultRe: Canidae farts

    Champ never had farts at all on Canidae, but that certainly doesn't mean it isn't what is causing Daisy's farts. I'd give it another week or two just to see.

    As for corn and wheat free foods at PetSmart - here are a few I found on their website. I'm not vouching for the quality of the food, but I did a quick check of the ingredients and they didn't have corn or wheat that I saw - others more knowledgeable than me can say if they are a good quality food or not... -

    ByNature Adult Dog Food, ByNature Pork and Sweet Potato,
    Nature's Recipe Fish and Potato, Nature's Recipe Large Breed Adult,
    Avoderm Natural Lamb and Brown Rice
    Nutro Natural Chicken, Rice, and Oatmeal
    Blue Buffalo Large Breed Adult

    There are probably more foods that I missed, but this was just a quick skim of the foods they offer.


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