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    Defaulttaking metacam long term

    hiya guys, back last may charlie had to have a op because he had a small tear in his ligament
    the op was a success, but in september i noticed a stiffness in his leg mostly after he got up
    after having a nap, so i took him to the vets they gave him a x.ray and said allthough the op was
    successfull he has some arthritas in his leg.the vet prescribed metacam and now the stiffness
    is gone, but i am concerned if this in the long run is going to do him any harm he's only 2years old.
    i voiced my concern to the vet but he said charlies on the lowest dose and doing fine and to
    just bring him in for regular checks. he's been taking glycoflex for the last year. i really value your
    opinions so what do you think? thanks

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    DefaultRe: taking metacam long term

    did the vet run bloodwork before starting him to check liver and kidney values?

    while it can be important for quality of life I wouldn't have an animal on metacam without regular blood checks unless it was palliative in nature anyhow

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