Young Lab stiff and sore
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Thread: Young Lab stiff and sore

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    DefaultYoung Lab stiff and sore

    I'm new here but will likely hang around. Have been sharing life with my black lab pals since 1962. Never had a bad one. Thought I was too old for another. Made the mistake of visiting the kennel where I have been getting dogs for 40 years. Figured I was over the hill and didn't need to worry about getting carried away. Just wanted to visit.
    When I got home little Annie was on my lap. Damn!
    Now little Annie is 2 yrs. old and recently has been acting stiff and sore on occasion. She runs of course and does normal stuff but has not been hunting for several weeks/ Have not noticed this in other Labs. Any ideas or is it just the cold weather etc. Thanks.

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    DefaultRe: Young Lab stiff and sore

    I think you'd be wise to have her checked out for potential joint disease (elbows, hips, etc)

    Labs are quite stoic, and often will not show they are in pain if they can help it, which can lead to them continuing to run and play as if all is normal most of the time, even when they are in pain.

    So ultimately I'd have her checked out, get a set of X-rays done and go from there.
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    DefaultRe: Young Lab stiff and sore

    When I got home little Annie was on my lap.
    Yeah, Labs are really sneaky that way. LOL

    Another thought, since it sounds like you spend time outside hunting, you might want to have your girl checked for tick borne diseases. They can often mimic arthritis and cause painful joints. Here's a page about the common ones:

    Good luck and do let us know how Annie's doing.

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    DefaultRe: Young Lab stiff and sore

    Along with Caseys Mom, that was my first thought too: the strong possibility of tick borne disease. Annie's youth and the 'on and off' nature of her lameness sort of point in that direction.
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    DefaultRe: Young Lab stiff and sore

    I definatly think I would have her checked out too. For both Lyme or other tick borne disceases or joint problems. If a lab is showing signs of discomfort there is definatly something wrong they are normally very stoic.
    Good luck I hope you can figure out what's going on.


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