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    DefaultLabwell Nutritional Supplements


    I recently came across this website

    They seem to have some decent and resonably priced supplements for labs.

    Anyone has any feedback on them?


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    DefaultRe: Labwell Nutritional Supplements

    I wouldn't buy them. You are better off buying human joint supplements, you get a higer dosage, more pills for less money and they work just as well.

    I usually stay away from anything "Labrador" designed because that's mostly a gimmick.

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    DefaultRe: Labwell Nutritional Supplements

    I agree totally w/ Cynlabs. A marketing gimmick. If your serious about supplements, but human ones. I do, however, give JointMax TS Glucosamine just because apparently my dog does not like the taste of human Glucosamine (yet he eats cow poop), go figure.


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