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    DefaultSwollen Nose

    My 3 year old Yellow Lab recently, has a swollen nose on her right side only. It's not disfigured, but just more puffy than the left side.

    I also noticed today that on the same right side her eye is a little watery.

    Not sure if this is an allergic reaction to something or if there is something more to it. I'm making an appointment with the vet this weekend, but just wanted to get some thoughts.

    Thank you!!!!

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    DefaultRe: Swollen Nose

    She might have gotten bitten by an insect or something. I would give her some Benadryl, 1 mg/lb. A 75-pound dog would take 3. Make sure it's the antihistamine. You really don't want to wait until the weekend if it doesn't get better, could affect her breathing.
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    DefaultRe: Swollen Nose

    I would say it is an allergic reaction too I've heard that a lot when they get bit by something. Benedryl (regular) like kiddsmom said is generally helpful to get the reaction calmed down and keep an eye on them. If it gets worse get them to a vet ASAP because it can close the airway.
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