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    DefaultBroken tooth

    My chocolate lab brought home a stick that was a little too big! He now has a broken top front tooth. Does anyone have any experience with broken teeth? How do I know if he is uncomfortable?

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    DefaultRe: Broken tooth

    Oh dear... poor guy!!

    Is it one of the top incisors (the itty bitty ones) or one of his canine teeth? Can you see a red dot? If so, that's the nerve of the tooth exposed.

    You might want to PM Linda (zoesmom)... Zoe broke her lower canine a few years ago and needed to have a root canal done. I think Pam (PAM) had to do the same with Buddy, but I've not seen Pam on lately... you'll have better luck with Linda.

    Labs are pretty stoic when it comes to pain, at least mine is... it wouldn't hurt to bring him to the vet for them to have a look at it.

    Good luck!

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    DefaultRe: Broken tooth

    The bratty kid behind me broke one of my dogs two upper canines(fangs). (After that we put up a privacy fence and I should have sued the parents for negligent supervision as it wasn't the first time he was teasing my sweet as could be pup). Anyway, it was pretty obvious that she was in pain. Normally very active she didn't want to play w/ my other dog, and it was the only time she ever growled at him. He was still a pup so he didn't really understand and just wanted to play. You could see that the roots were exposed. The vet recommended that we take her to a dentist to save the teeth as the two broken teeth held the rest in place. I agreed that I wanted to save the teeth and got her into the dentist the very next day. She had two root canals to save her teeth and beautiful white fillings. She was given pain medicine, but still cried in pain when I brought her back home. She was pretty tough. Fought cancer w/ a lot of strength, but root canals aren't fun and having your roots exposed very painful. Unlike most dogs who want to be off by themselves when sick and/or in pain she wanted to cuddle up w/ me. But by the next day she was feeling much better. It was expensive, but I was glad that I saved the teeth. Plus at the time of the incident she was only about 18 months old.
    I'm pretty sure that if your lab was in any discomfort from the tooth that you would be able to tell. Even w/ a high pain tolerance you would know in this situation.

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    DefaultRe: Broken tooth

    I'd take him to the vet for an opinion -- or at least call. A broken tooth may need smoothing to avoid cutting the inside of his mouth.
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