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    I think your vet has a sound idea. I am not sure what else there is to do, other than ask if what, if any preventative measures you can take. I think I sent you the link to read up on seizures. If not post back and I will find it for you.
    As for the liver issue, I don't know. We did an ultrasound and nothing was present, I was actually present during the exam speaking w/ the doctor during the exam. Something attacked it, only doing an autopsy would have been definitive, but that was not an option, I would not do that to her. I only know her enzyme level was 9 times the normal level. Losing her so unexpectedly and in the manner is why I am so vigilant, it was horrible for her. So I only write what I do to prevent it from happening to any dog/owner I ever have an opportunity to warn. I wish you all the best and hopefully it was an odd occurrence.
    And note that I am only trying to raise awareness if someone is unknowing, not frighten you or anyone. The best approach is being knowlegeable and aware of our options. Duke probably had a rare occurrence and he is going to be just fine . Just wanted you to be aware if you were not.



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    Good morning Doug,
    My vet also said giving him plenty of exercise and try a buster ball, to keep him busy. (I have to get one.) I hope he will be okay. He's like a child to me..I did go to the link on seizures. I googled partial seizures too. The info is scary. Hopefully he won't have anymore episodes. have a nice day..Nicole

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