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    I'm currently in southwest Asia and now worried :-[ about my puppy of 5 years back home. My wife Theresa just informed me that my Lab (Chocolate) named Jasper is really slow at getting up. She says when they get outside he is full of energy and wants to play catch. We reside in Utah which is going through its cold season right now. Do you think it might be the cold that is causing him to be so slow at getting up? It worries me because we have spent a lot of time together exercising/playing around and the last thing I want is for the family joy to be hurt. He is a healthy 75lbs and is a major loverboy. Is this just a Lab thing, kind of like when we wake in the morning and it takes a little bit for us to get up out of bed (not everyone of course)? I'm coming home soon and have lots of plans for us. Thanks for whatever inputs you can give.
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    I don't think we know what slow means.

    If it appears the dog is slow getting up due to pain, you could have a vet take a look for arthritis, HD, or injury. Or maybe he is just passing into senior status and needs a little bit of time to get off his butt, like me.
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    Sounds like he's having some pretty serious joint pain. I would have her take him to a vet.
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