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    Defaulteye infection (update)

    It appears that Gabby has some sort of eye infection(s). When we woke up, her right eye was gunked shut and it appears red.

    We're going to try and get into the vet today. But in the mean time, does anyone know the likelihood of contagion to Maverick?

    They couldn't find an infection, but they think it could have been a reaction to trauma (ball playing, dog park time, etc). No scratch on the cornea, no hemorrhaging, nothing- just excessive yellow gunk. They sent antibiotic eye stuff just in case.

    Anyone have experience with this?

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    DefaultRe: eye infection

    sounds like dog pink eye (conjunctivitis) in which case i believe it is contagious. does she have an ear infection as well? it seems the two sometimes go hand in hand. hope she feels better soon!

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    DefaultRe: eye infection (update)



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