lump on snout??
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Thread: lump on snout??

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    Defaultlump on snout??

    i've been dealing w/ yeasty ears for the past month with my 8 1/2 month old Storm. tonight i notice a marble sized, hard lump on his snout. it doesn't appear to be causing any discomfort and he is eating and going to the bathroom as usual. i did a search on this site and the internet for lump on snout and the results were; insect bite, bee sting or cat scratch.. i do have 2 adult cats w/ claws and they do swat at the dog from time to time but i don't think they ever scratched him before. the weather here is wet and cold so i doubt he was stung by a bee. and i'm not sure about being bit by a bug or spider or something.
    it literally looks like a marble is under his skin on the top/side of his snout. has any one dealt with this or seen anything like this before?

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    DefaultRe: lump on snout??

    No. I'd recommend you have a vet look at him.

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    DefaultRe: lump on snout??

    I agree with going to the vet. It could be a cyst and if it is getting bigger at a fast rate seriously needs to be checked out.

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    DefaultRe: lump on snout??

    I would definitely see the vet.


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