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    It's been quite a few years since Guinness was a puppy and I'm a little out of practice!!! Yesterday I brought home my new girl Sadie. She's 9 weeks old. I'm feeding her Perfomatin Natural Puppy Formula Lamb Meal & Brown Rice. Well, @ least we're gonna try her out on it & see how we make out. (Once she is weaned off the food from the breeder) The breeder was feeding her a Purina formula. Just wondering what peoples thoughts are on feeding schedule & amounts. This bag of food lists that puppies 5-7lbs approx 6-11 weeks should be feed 1 1/4 cup daily. Is it just me... or does that seem like not enough food!?!?

    As I said, it's been a while since I've shopped for puppy food. I had trouble finding a brand that worked for Guinness (until he finally did well on Pro Plan SS). The clerk @ the Pet Valu in town recommended the Preformatin brand ..

    Thanks in advance for any words of wisdom......

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    I guess my first question would be why are you changing her from what the breeder started her on. Usually breeders know what works best with their dogs...of course there are always exceptions. I'm one of those "don't fix it if it ain't broke" types of people.

    To answer your question, I'd look at the formula she was on originally, calculate the kcals in the amount you were feeding, then look at the kcals in your new formula and calculate the new quantity to start.


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