Advise needed...Please help!!!
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Thread: Advise needed...Please help!!!

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    Bruce Wayne our year old Lab wags his tail so much that he whacks it on everything. He has whacked it so many times that he has developed a sore on the tip of his tail.
    We've tried to bandage it but he eats the bandage. Now, just when we think we have it healed, he wackes it again and it bleeds really bad. He has also developed a bald spot where the sore is. I've talked to our Vet and they say this is commin in Labs and that if it doesn't heal the we might have to amputate the tip of his tail or all of it!!!!!
    Has anyone else had this problem and if so how did you fix the problem? I just can't see him with an amputated tail.

    Thanks in advance,
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    DefaultRe: Advise needed...Please help!!!

    Okay, this is going to sound really bad! :-[ I'll probably get kicked off JL but I accidently slammed our labs tail in a door once. Anyway, after crying hysterically, because blood was everywhere and I freaked , I got her to the vet. Same thing as yours, big sore ect. We put cut medicine on it, wrapped it up with gauze, and then they taped a huge hard plastic tube over her tail. It looked like she was wearing a condom! : It worked great though because she couldn't touch the dressing but I did have to punture some holes into it to let the air get to the wound so it would heal. I would ask the vet about this option. Be aware that you will have to retape the tube to the tail each day because the wagging will loosen it up. Goodluck!!

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    DefaultRe: Advise needed...Please help!!!

    Don't feel bad. Sliding glass door. It happens.
    I cried & cried. Gertie could care less but I felt soooo bad.
    Tail was fine.
    We just have to worry about Gertie & Boo's wagging tail that keeps hitting my 1 yr. old.
    I agree, try the tube idea. Sounds a whole lot better than chopping
    away the tail.
    Sometimes you need to be creative & this board is full of people like that.
    Hang in there & see what people come up with before you make that app't.
    Good luck.

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    DefaultRe: Advise needed...Please help!!!


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