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    Ok its been awhile since I had a puppy. He is 10 weeks and has had first set of shots. What is a safe vaccine schedule. I have called a couple of vets around here ( We are also in a new area) Honestly it seems they all have different amounts they want to give him. Also, I had one vet say I could neuter at 12 weeks and another that wants to wait until 6 months? I think Im more confuse now than when I called. I would prefer to neuter as soon as safely possible. Also, any thoughts on the 7 in 1's vaccines that you get from the feed store? My sister vaccinates all her animals herself and offered to do the shots and then I would just need to do check ups and rabies at the vets. Sorry didnt mean to bombard anyone with all these questions. Thanks! Rachel

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    Hi Rachel! Welcome to the forum and congratulations on your new puppy!!

    Let me preface what I'm going to say by telling you that I'm not a vet, but this is information that I've picked up (mostly here!) during the 4 1/2 years I've had Henry.

    Here are some links for you re: puppy vaccination schedules. If I remember it correctly, the puppy series is given starting at 8 weeks, and then every 3-4 weeks until 16 weeks. Another set of vaccinations are given after 6 months (usually at a year).

    After that, I only vaccinate my dog every 3 years. Our city recognizes the 3 year rabies vaccine, so we're lucky. He gets rabies one year, and the distemper/parvo (separated, each given 3-4 weeks apart) the next year and then these are given every 3 years.

    I would also (personally) stay away from the 7 in 1 vaccine. That is a HUGE challenge to your young pup's immune system.

    I wouldn't neuter my pup at 12 weeks... I had Henry neutered at 6 months, and in retrospect, wish I had waited. I don't have a copy of the article about health risks of neutering/spaying early, but I'm hoping one of our members who does will post it for you.

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    Also, I wait after the last (3rd set) 4 more weeks before I give rabies, so that I am not giving all those shots together.

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    DefaultRe: Shot schedule

    I do three series of DAPP (Distemper, Adenovirus, Parvo, Parainfluenza) starting at 8 weeks, then 12, 16 and rabies at 20 weeks.

    One year from that at 16 months I do a booster shot and 4 weeks later a 3 year rabies.

    After that every 3 years.

    I agree with not over loading the system. The 7 in 1 is not a good idea.

    And if you choose to do more than DAPP, then spread out the other vaccinations no matter whether it is Bordatella, Lepto or Lyme (which I don't do)

    Problem is if you give too much at once and cause an overload than there can be a reaction and you will have no idea which vaccine caused it.


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