Food Allergy and Accuracy
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Thread: Food Allergy and Accuracy

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    We have a very allergic dog who has done blood tests for food and enviornmental allergies as well as a scratch test. My question is how accurate in your experiences the blood tests are? I am now going to a dermatologic vet. who wanted the scratch tests done and told me that blood testing is highly inaccurate. He was right, after I compared the two different tests results Payton was a 4 on the blood tests and 0 for the scratch or vice versa. I have tried a million foods under the sun and hope the NV instinct will finally be it, but if it's not do I try some foods which he had tested positive for allergy through the blood test? My vet told me there is no really good way to check for food allergies excepts through trial and error.

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    DefaultRe: Food Allergy and Accuracy

    I don't know for certain, but judging by the comments and experiences from people on this and other similar sites the blood test does tend to give a lot more false positives. I think that may be one reason a lot of vets prefer to do a simple elimination diet first.

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    DefaultRe: Food Allergy and Accuracy

    I think a veterinary dermatologist is a great idea. That's what it took to diagnose my cats allergy (turns out she's allergic to dust... who knew?)

    I hope you get some answers from her/him.
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    DefaultRe: Food Allergy and Accuracy

    Riley (6yo BF) diagnosed with allergies at 2yo.(common age) Blood tests were done and homeopathic desensitisation administered over a 9 monthe period. It didnt work and the test results showed up many false positives. No I dont think the blood test is accurate. She is definitely environmentally allergic and the seasons now are almost joined up, again a common problem. I am resigned to the fact that I cannot eliminate her allergens, which seem to be mostly Olive trees (we have millions) and mould spores, some trees and grasses to difficult to identify, so I am learning to live with palliative care, shampoo ocasionally, lots of swimming, lots of walks which distract her from scratching. You will see by your own observations over time what is mainly causing the problem. It may not be contact allegy it may be inhaled/ingested.
    Dermatology testing is probably good, and puts your mind at rest, and you may get lucky and find the problem, my experience is you may never find the problem and there may be more than 1.
    Good luck. The more people I meet the more I like my dog


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