Throwing up.
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Thread: Throwing up.

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    DefaultThrowing up.

    Bogey threw up lastnight, at 2 am. I still cant figure why he didnt eat anyhting he wasnt supposed to. He's done this before when he was younger, so I'd give him a little food before bed. But the wierd thing was that this time it was mainly dog food, where as before it was bile. I had fed him 7 hrs before . He seems fine today and after we went outside lastnight he went right back to bed. Just an upset tummy? Or should I wait to feed him?

    Courtney, Bogey and Calli

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    DefaultRe: Throwing up.

    I'd guess just an upset tummy last night...Don't know for sure - but for the times it was bile, I wonder if it isn't empty stomach syndrom - check here for further info - but sometimes they get barfy if they're hungry...


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