My poor boy had surgery today
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Thread: My poor boy had surgery today

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    DefaultMy poor boy had surgery today

    Well, I try to do the responsible pet owner thing and I had Brutus nutered. Now I feel awful for it. He is so swollen (bigger than a baseball) and sore (cant sit down, difficulty laying down, has his back arched and tail tucked under). He only ate 1/2 cup of food tonight and I hand fed that to him. I am worried about him. He is also seeping blood from the surgical site. Is there anything I should do or is this all normal? DH thought I was over reacting until I asked him if he would want me to ignore him if he was in the same situation. LOL changed his attitude really fast.

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    DefaultRe: My poor boy had surgery today

    He'll be ok
    its hard to watch them be so sad but he's fine (tho there shouldn't be weeping so you may need to pop into vet tomorrow if it hasn't dried right up)

    there can often be swelling especially if the dog is over 6 months

    you did GOOD - thank you


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    DefaultRe: My poor boy had surgery today

    My Peanut wasn't spayed until she was 1.5 years old (immune suppression issues). When I picked her up, she was walking all hunched over, looking at the ground, trying to wag her little tail, but you could tell it hurt her. :-\

    When we got out to the car I remember sitting there and crying my eyes out, thinking what a horrible pet parent I am to have put her through that. Watching her in pain and knowing that I'd paid to have it done to her was one of the worst things I've seen, it was absolutely awful. :'(

    She was sore for a few days, but fast forward to a year later and she's a happy, healthy little dog that no longer endures the hormone fluctuations of intact females, and she won't have to worry about a lot of much much much more painful conditions that can come about from not having been spayed.

    You did the right thing, and he'll be up and at 'em in no time.

    But I agree that if the weeping continues I'd get him back to a vet. that's not supposed to happen. :-\
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