Eukanuba or Kirkland?
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Thread: Eukanuba or Kirkland?

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    DefaultEukanuba or Kirkland?

    Hi folks,

    Harlee's breeder recommends Eukanuba and she has been on it since I brought her home. She is 6 months and I was starting to think about switching. She has had some stomach issues in the past so I am a little hesitant. She also in the last month has had a staph infection and I am not wondering if its food related.

    I was thinking about switching to Kirkland, is this better than Eukanuba?

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    DefaultRe: Eukanuba or Kirkland?

    I started on Eukanuba. The stools are nice and firm, but extremely smelly.

    I would go to to have a look at some of the ratings and analysis.

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    DefaultRe: Eukanuba or Kirkland?

    I initially had Sammi on Eukanuba large breed puppy (this is what her breeder had her on), she did well on it! Switched her to diamond natural chicken and rice- this is the same as kirklands premium, she has been on it since 9 months and does great- no skin or ear issues and nice poops and only goes 2- maybe 3times aday if she is really active ;D- I have to say I couldn't be happier with the food. I think there are several of us here that feed this food- its all about finding what works for your puppers!

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    DefaultRe: Eukanuba or Kirkland? is ONE person's opinion of food. Keep that in mind. There is a better site for seeing all the ingredients of a dog food and making up your own mind:
    or check out the site for choosing a dog food. My Zoe was on Eukanuba as a puppy and did fine; she's been on Kirkland ever since she started on adult food and has been fine with that as well. At 6 months, I think she is old enough to switch to an adult food, so if you wanted to try the Kirkland, it would be a good choice; no corn, wheat or soy.


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