MMMM! Cayenne Pepper??!!
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Thread: MMMM! Cayenne Pepper??!!

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    DefaultMMMM! Cayenne Pepper??!!

    I discovered an interesting taste preference in Rainbow, when she decided to lick a puddle of Frank's Red Hot, that deposited itself on my shirt, after finishing dinner.(I'm a much sloppier eater than her!) Turns out, that She also likes mild to medium Salsa.
    Last night, out of sheer desperation, I added a few drops to her food, to see if she would finish it. It did the trick!
    She doesn't exibit any gastrointestinal stress after eating something spicy, or any behaviour that could be considered odd.
    Does anyone elses Pup enjoy "fiery fare" or is "Bow" just completely original, here?
    (Yes, I avoid feeding her Onions, btw.)



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    DefaultRe: MMMM! Cayenne Pepper??!!

    Silly dog. It is amazing what they will eat, isn't it?

    Having said that, I *personally* would be a touch wary of adding anything with spice to my dog's food. I would worry too much about some sort of gastrointestinal upset or worse....

    But, I am no expert in the matter...hopefully someone else will weigh in here.

    Murphy, Riley, and Piper

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    DefaultRe: MMMM! Cayenne Pepper??!!

    Grace likes spicy, the others don't. Maddy hates anything vinegary. Hudler hates mustard. Go figure....


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