Barnsley had an allergic reaction to ??? (update)
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Thread: Barnsley had an allergic reaction to ??? (update)

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    DefaultBarnsley had an allergic reaction to ??? (update)

    I ended up staying home with him on Monday (my boss loved that :P) and slowly the remaining swelling went down and he perked up. I hope we don't have to deal with that again any time soon. I'm just happy he is feeling better and that I was home when it happened.

    So on Sunday when I woke up I noticed Barnsley had swelling around his left eye. I gave him benadryl and in about 4 hours most of the swelling was gone. I did find a bug bite on his belly that he was also scratchig at. Before it was time for another dose of benadryl at around 5pm he developed more severe swelling around the right eye. I gave bendaryl when he was due and hoped in a few hours it would improve. It didn't and actually got worse involving part of his muzzle and I noticed lumps on his body which I think are his lymph nodes responding to the toxin. I called the Japanese vet office and they were open and made me an appt. for 9pm (yes, they are open until 10 pm every day). They looked at him and gave him a prednisone shot and a shot of antibiotics. Poor guy was apparently feeling worse than I thought and proceeded to throw up twice in the back seat of my car. That was not a pleasant thing to clean up at 10pm when we got home. So an hour later we went to bed and I hoped it would be resolved by morning. Well this morning he still has a small amount of swelling around his eye. They said to bring him in if it didn't improve. It is less swollen but I'm not sure if I should take him or not. They don't speak the best english so talking over the phone can be difficult. Can anyone tell me how long the swelling lasts in similar experiences. They told me that benadryl wouldn't really help the swelling go down as well.

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    DefaultRe: Barnsley had an allergic reaction to ???

    You might want to PM Linda (zoesmom)...

    sounds very similar to the reaction that Zoe had to bee stings... her muzzle got all lumpy, and I think she was throwing up quite a bit too.

    Hope Barnsley is feeling better soon!!!

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    DefaultRe: Barnsley had an allergic reaction to ???


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    DefaultRe: Barnsley had an allergic reaction to ???

    One time I came home and found Peanut with her face swollen to at least twice it's normal size.

    I called the vet and she said to give her some children's liquid benedryl and bring her in first thing in the morning if it hadn't gotten any better. After giving her the benedryl the swelling started to go down after a few hours. It was so super scary, she almost looked like both eyes were swollen shut and she had no "stop", the line on her face went from forehead to nose in a straight line, like a collie. Minpin's are supposed to have a significant "stop". :-\

    I never found out what she had gotten in to that she had reacted to, and it has not happened at all since, so who knows...?

    Good luck with Barnsley!
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