I guess Oakley has Kennel Cough
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Thread: I guess Oakley has Kennel Cough

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    DefaultI guess Oakley has Kennel Cough

    She started this coughing/gagging thing last night. She woke me up a few times through the night and then still doing it this morning. She was going to spend the day at my parents for the day anyway.
    I talked to Dad at 1pm and he thought she should see the vet, he thought she had something stuck in her throat.
    So the vet doesn't think anything is stuck in her throat and sees some irritation/redness in her throat.
    We get some antibiotics to clear it up. The vet put upper respiratory infection on my insurance forms and he eluded to kennel cough but really didn't "label" it that way. He didn't really caution me about anything.

    Should I be keeping her on restricted activity?? Should I be keeping her away from other dogs? When will the antibiotics kick in? If she starts the antibiotics on Friday, will we be able to go to our obedience class on Tuesday evening?
    Unfortunately, I dont' think of my questions while I am in the vet's office. I think of all of them as soon as I leave. Thank god for you guys.

    She is still doing quite a bit of coughing and gagging tonight. I have called the two friends who have dogs that Oakley played with in the last week and a half for them to watch for signs in their dogs.

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    DefaultRe: I guess Oakley has Kennel Cough

    I would definitely keep her away from other dogs, kennel cough is super duper contagious... :-\

    Not sure about the class tuesday. If it were me I wouldn't go. Mostly because I'd be really angry with someone if they brought their dog that had KC and mine got sick, know what I mean..? Also, illnesses/treatments vary from dog to dog, so while some dogs may not be contagious anymore at that point, some may, and you never really know, better to be safe than sorry, the other owners will thank you for it!!

    Hope Oakley feels better soon!
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    DefaultRe: I guess Oakley has Kennel Cough

    Let me just say - this kennel cough is horrible! We have been up since 5am.
    I have nothing syrup like to give her. I am kicking myself for not getting some
    Robitussin last night.
    Well, back to bed to try to get some sleep.

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    DefaultRe: I guess Oakley has Kennel Cough

    No classes for about 2 weeks. Trust me, nobody wants you to bring your contagious dog to class.

    Since she seems to have a lot of coughing, I would limit her activities for now. Once she starts feeling better you can let her be more herself.

    The antibiotics are NOT for the kennel cough. They are to prevent secondary pneumonia. Nothing cures kennel cough except time. Think human cold.



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