Orijen 6 Fish Too Rich?
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Thread: Orijen 6 Fish Too Rich?

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    We recently switched our dog over to Orijen 6 fish due to his massive allergy problems and the feeling they were getting worse on Solid Gold BATM (which he loved and had fine stools), so we switched him. We only weened him off the 1st food for three days and it's been going on two weeks on the food and his stools seem way to loose and soft. Is this food rich? He get s 2 cups 2x per day which is the directed amount for a high activity dog like him. Maybe he still isn't used to this food yet?

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    Ok it seems we lost all the replies to this post

    If i remember correctly you said you do two walks a day (about 1hr each or 1hr for both??) which is not considered very active for a dog. I recommend (and i am no vet so it's just my two cents worth) cutting back on the amount given a day. Only dogs that work all day or live on a farm (and run around all day) are considered very active. two walks a day is definitely NOT very active at all
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    I also agree with cutting back. 4 cups of grain free per day is too much. I would cut back to 2 1/2 - 3 cups per day and see how it goes.

    As Tanya said above, most pet dogs don't fall under the catagory of highly active. Moderately active is a better way of describing most pet dogs.


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